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Kruzenshtern reached Gibraltar

04.09.2020 10:56:00 pm
In the morning of April 4, the Kruzenshtern headed for the port of Novorossiysk. The route is quite complicated. The distance to be sailed is more than 3,000 nautical miles. The ship has to cross the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black seas, transit three Straits.

Weather conditions are adverse. So, the crew can't count on sails yet. Luckily, the barque is equipped with two main engines of 1,000 HP each. Thanks to them and the engine crew the schedule of the expedition is maintained. The average speed of the vessel is from 8 to 9 knots, it means 200 nautical miles per day.

It took three days to sail from the Canary Islands to the Strait of Gibraltar. After the chess tournament, a draughts contest was started on board. Sergey Klaut (KMFC cadet) won it.

In the morning of April 7, the Kruzenshtern reached Gibraltar. It is the gateway from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea. Only 7 nautical miles (about 14 kilometers) separate the African continent from the European one in the narrowest part of the Strait. In Antiquity the promontories that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar were known as Pillars of Hercules. After passing this picturesque, busy Strait the vessel is sailing in the salty waters of the Mediterranean.

Текст и фото: Валерий Притченко
Видеосюжет: Н. Обревко, С. Мещеряков

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