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Kruzenshtern in Novorossiysk

04.28.2020 02:20:00 pm
The Kruzenshtern moored at the berth of the passenger terminal in Novorossiysk, the largest port of Russia. Locals keep on taking photoes with the vessel on the background. Due to the current situation the ship is closed to visitors.

Ship's routine is going on. Every day all maintenance operations are carried out. Such operations are necessary for every ship, especially for the sailing vessel that will soon turn 100 years old. Food and fresh water supplies are being replenished these days. It is being a hot time for cadets. Their exams are starting in May.

For the sake of safety any shore leaves to the port of Novorossiysk are strictly prohibited till the end of the stay.

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Text and photo by Valeriy Pritchenko
Video by N. Obrevko, S. Meshcheryakov

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