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400 miles to home

05.27.2020 01:47:00 pm
On Monday, May 25, the exams were started on board of the Kruzenshtern. A group of electrical cadets and deck cadets was the first to demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge gained during six months on board.

During the final week all 119 cadets will be examined.

May 25 is also Ship boy's Day of Northern fleet

On May 25, 1942 a naval school for ship boys was founded in Arkhangelsk region (Solovki islands). During the Great Patriotic War the school managed to train 4,111 seafarers. They did their bit into the Great Victory. More than a thousand of them died. Cadet Daria Ulyanova made a report on the school and heroic deeds of its ship boys. Daria's speech was full of details as she had visited the school on Solovki Islands as a tourist.

In the morning of May 26, the ship approached Great belt Strait and Ostbroen bridge (East Bridge) which is often called Great Belt Bridge. After passing under the 65-meter high viaduct the barque had to follow a complicated track the Jutland Peninsula which is conveniently near the home waters.The distance to the port of Kaliningrad is less than 400 nautical miles.

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Text and photos by V. Pritchenko
Video by N. Obrevko, S. Meshcheryakov

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