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The transatlantic expedition is over

06.04.2020 03:41:35 pm
The Kruzenshtern got moored at the berth 18 of the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port. She finished the voyage earlier due to the pandemic situation in the world.

June 3, 2020 will be called an important date in the history of the Rosrybolovstvo's sailing fleet. On this day the STS Kruzenshtern finished her transatlantic crossing, and the frigate Pallada completed the circumnavigation of the world. Another vessel from Kaliningrad the STS Sedov reported on the completion of the first part of expedition.

Everyone expected a solemn and noisy ceremony on the occasion of Kruzenshtern's arrival. However, the current covid-19 situation made the plans change. Nevertheless, at 12 o'clock on the berth 18 there was a solemn formation of cadets and top officers of the barque. The University complex was represented by its executive group.

The audience was greeted by KSTU rector Vladimir Volkogon and Kruzenshtern's Master Mikhail Eremchenko. They congratulated the crew and cadets on completion of the voyage and noted that the crew and cadets had done their best to glorify Russia on all continents. Then the floor was given to KMFC cadet Saveliy Semyonov, who on behalf of the cadets congratulated the crew and his peers on the completion of this unique voyage and safe return to the home port.

The finishing touch of this day was the online broadcast. The streaming was organized from the ports of Kaliningrad and Vladivostok , where the Deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Pyotr Savchuk, Masters Mikhail Eremchenko, Evgeniy Romashkin, Nikolay Zorchenko, rectors of KSTU and FESTFU Vladimir Volkogon and Oleg Shcheka were telling about the benchmarks of the expedition and summing up the results of its first stage.

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