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The Governor Anton Alikhanov conducted an excursion on board of the Kruzenshtern for the participants of the contests "Your move" and "Big school break"

03.18.2021 09:31:00 am
The event for schoolchildren and students was held on the Krusenstern on Sunday, June 20. The guys also visited the STS Sedov.

Here they learned that the sailing ship was named after the Russian Admiral Ivan Kruzenshtern, who led the first Russian circumnavigation of the world in 1803-1806. He was also known a hydrographer and an educator of a whole galaxy of remarkable Russian navigators.

Today, the vessel is used for training purposes. The ship regularly participates in international sailing regattas and round-the-world expeditions. Cadets of the fishing academies take practical training here.

In addition to the tour of the barque, projects' participants learned amazing facts about the discovery of Antarctica by the Russian expedition lead by Thaddeus Bellingshausen.

By making sea trips and participating in regattas, the Kruzenshtern performs a special mission. She represents Russia and Kaliningrad internationally.

The guys from all over the country had a unique opportunity to visit the ship and to become acquainted with the history of this almost a century-old ship.

During the meeting, development of Antarctica and other achievements of our seafarers were discussed.

”It is great that schoolchildren and students have such a broad-based knowledge," Anton Alikhanov outlined.