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Welcome aboard the legendary sailing ship "Kruzenshtern". Here you can find comprehensive information about the barque.

06.21.2017 11:01:59 am
Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy Accepts Sedov Into Service
On the 1st of June the academy held a press conference and told about plans on the barque. On the 18th of June the vessel started her first voyage of 2017 and first under the flag of BFFSA.
06.14.2017 10:35:18 am
Next Stop: Tall Ship Races 2017
The voyage № 2/123 starts on the 14th of June. The vessel is going to carry 120 cadets from Kaliningrad and Kerch on board.
06.02.2017 01:45:13 pm
Goin’ Home
Kruzenshtern calls in home port of Kaliningrad on the 4th of June.
04.28.2017 10:20:41 am
The navigation of 2017 is on!
This year of sailing is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Kruzenshtern's work under the flag of Russian fisheries.
Lights of Kruzenshtern
The barque has received the new illumination system which is going to be fully premiered later this year during the navigation of 2017.
Kruzenshtern’s Sailing Schedule for 2017 is Revealed
The barque is planning on visiting ports of Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania.
Students share their impressions from visiting the Greek Patras
During the stay in the port "Kruzenshtern" replenished food stocks, the crew and cadets rested on the beach, explored the city sights and visited its holy places.
«Kruzenshtern» Olympus
In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea there was a sports contest held among 6 teams of 8 people (with total 48 people) on board “Kruzenshtern”.
"Kruzenshtern" congratulates students on Knowledge Day!
There is a special attitude to Knowledge Day on the barque, since it’s a "school of sailing."
"Hercules" fueled “Kruzenshtern”
On the roads of the port of Gibraltar (UK), the barque took aboard 345 tons of diesel fuel.

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