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Welcome aboard the legendary sailing ship "Kruzenshtern". Here you can find comprehensive information about the barque.

06.21.2019 12:24:11 pm
Kruzenshtern in Rouen
This year L'Armada festival celebrates its 30th anniversary.
01.15.2019 04:25:30 pm
Kruzenshtern and Sedov sailing schedules for 2019 have been revealed
Please note that the schedules are still being discussed by the Federal Agency of Fishery and can be changed anytime.
11.18.2018 02:31:00 pm
RT: On Deck, Offline
Russia Today presents the brand new 50-minute documentary on the famous four-masted barque Kruzenshtern.
11.18.2018 11:06:00 am
New Heights
In October Kruzenshtern was the first one to sail under the biggest anchor-shaped power lines located at the exit Kaliningrad navigation channel.
09.13.2018 11:42:49 am
Kruzenshtern has finished the navigation of 2018
Almost 400 cadets had their first practice at sea on board of the vessel this year.
07.18.2018 09:30:59 am
During the Third Voyage of 2018 Kruzenshtern Plans to Visit Nine Foreign Ports
The schedule includes ports of Poland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Iceland and Faroe Islands.
05.07.2018 03:02:26 pm
The voyage #2/126 has started
Kruzenshtern plans to call in ports of Germany, Norway, Poland, France and Faeroe islands.
04.05.2018 12:08:49 pm
Kruzenshtern visited Barcelona and Sète
In Spain cadets and crew attended an art exhibition, while in France the sail training ship took part in festival Escale à Sète.
03.22.2018 11:33:12 am
Kruzenshtern in Vigo
The barque has already left the port and is now heading to Barcelona.
03.13.2018 11:56:35 am
The Kruzenshtern Started The Navigation of 2018
The vehicle is ready for the big water. The repair works are finished and the food supplies are loaded on board. During the voyage #1/125 the Kruzenshtern plans to call in ports of Spain, France and Germany and totally cover over 6000 marine miles.

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