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Welcome aboard the legendary sailing ship "Kruzenshtern". Here you can find comprehensive information about the barque.

12.17.2019 11:52:00 am
: Week One
Severe weather conditions did not prevent the cadets from climbing the masts and studying process. 

12.09.2019 07:58:23 pm
Kruzenshtern and Sedov Have Both Started their Round the World Voyages
Both vessels left the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port on the 8th of December at 8.45 a.m.
12.09.2019 10:29:12 am
Kaliningrad start of the circumnavigation
The solemn ceremony of the Kruzenshtern and Sedov departure to the circumnavigation of the world will take place in the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing port on December 7 at 10 o'clock.
12.02.2019 01:51:20 pm
The Kruzenshtern left the dockyard
The barque Kruzenshtern after repair completion, made a passage from the Svetlyy shipyard to the Kaliningrad sea fishing port.
11.21.2019 12:30:49 pm
Repair and preparation for the expedition of the Sedov and Kruzenshtern have come to final stage
Click for the Broadcasting Company Kaliningrad piece on completion of the scheduled repair of sailing ships at the shipyard in Svetlyy.
11.11.2019 10:00:45 am
Mexican television on the Kruzenshtern
At the end of August 2020, another Russian sailing ship - the Sedov will call at Acapulco as part of the Rosrybolovstvo sailing expedition. This event will certainly become a real holiday for Mexican admirers of Russian ships.
10.23.2019 05:53:13 pm
Kruzenshtern's Approximate Schedule for 2019-2020 Has Been Revealed

It includes ports in Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Morrocco, Israel, Russia, Greece, France, Belgium, Turkey and many more.
10.22.2019 07:48:07 pm
Kruzenshtern, Sedov and Pallada are getting ready for a circumnavigation in 2020
The expedition is honoring the 200th anniversary of Antarctica by Russian sails men and 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.
08.30.2019 10:05:13 am
The Sedov and the Kruzenshtern were receiving guests
Each of the sailing vessels was visited by more than four thousand people.
08.30.2019 09:55:20 am
The Kruzenshtern moored at her home port
On the morning of August 20th there was a ceremonial parade on the main deck of the barque. It marked completion of 2019 navigation season.

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